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Hey there! I'm an experienced designer with a strong background in leading product design using user-centered methodologies. My passion lies in solving real problems and tackling complex user interactions. Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work with diverse teams in agile and fast-paced environments. I firmly believe that when diverse teams collaborate using the right tools and principles, they can create immense value for both businesses and individuals.

Whether you're in the early stages of product discovery, exploring design thinking, or need assistance with design and development, I'm here to lend a hand. Let's work together to bring your product to life and create meaningful experiences for your users.

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Transforming Cemig's Customer Experience with an AI-Driven Multichannel Strategy

With over 9 million customers, Cemig joined forces with IBM to revolutionize its customer service channels. This ambitious program aimed to enhance customer satisfaction through user-centered design, leveraging the power of AI. In this project, I took the lead in managing a team responsible for three key channels: Mobile, Web, and Kiosk. Additionally, I provided support to the entire program, collaborating closely with cognitive and BPO teams.

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Building an AI-powered personal assistant

In January of 2018, Volkswagen introduced the Virtus, the first car in Latin America equipped with an AI solution. This groundbreaking initiative was a key component of Volkswagen's strategy to tap into the growing digital consumer market and provide a value-driven experience throughout the entire lifecycle of their vehicles.

In this particular project, our team was responsible for developing and delivering the end-to-end personal assistant experience.

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Santander & Mastercard travel assistant

Santander Bank, in collaboration with Mastercard and IBM, is embarking on a journey to explore travel opportunities. The primary objective is to encourage customers to leverage the benefits of their cards while identifying new market prospects. By doing so, Santander aims to enhance customer engagement and unlock potential avenues for growth.

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Sharing knowledge

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